Ghana Union of Professional Students (GUPS)



The Ghana Union of Professional Students which began as a Society for Professional Institute (SPI) in the 1990s had tertiary institutions like the Institute of Professional Studies now UPSA, the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ), The National Film and Television Institute (NAFTI) , Ghana Institute of Languages ( GIL) and other professional institutes as its founding members.
The then Society for Professional Institute (SPI) evolved through the constitutional and structural adjustment to become the Ghana Union of Professional students in 2001 after more professional universities had been ratified into her fold. Currently, the union remains the single and largest umbrella body of professional students in the country. GUPS is now made up of over 15 ratified institutions and is headquartered in the former PWD building adjacent the Independence Square, Accra.


For the effective functioning of the union, there is a five hierarchy of authority namely:

The Congress

The General Assembly (G.A)

The National Executive Committee (NEC)

The National Officers (Secretariat)

Judicial Board

The Congress

is the highest decision-making body of the union and is convened once every year to transact important businesses that relate to the development of the union.

The General Assembly

The General Assembly is the legislative organ of the union and its responsibility for running the affairs of the union between congresses.

The National Executive Committee

The National Executive Committee (NEC) is made up of six national secretariat members and all SRC president or their representatives. NEC meets once every three months to deliberate on matters arising at the secretariat and any other business it deems necessary.

The National Secretariat

The National Secretariat is made up of national officers who are elected by Congress to formulate and execute programs that shall ensure the smooth administration of the union.

The Judicial Board

The Judicial Board is a five-member board of the union whose members are called Justices. The basic function of the Judicial Board is to interpret and enforce the GUPS constitution and adjudicate on matters of a dispute relating to GUPS.

For the smooth running of the union, the General Assembly of GUPS constitutes itself into standing and Ad-hoc committees responsible for executing constitutional and specific tasks.